Monday, June 8, 2009

it's been one week

With apologies to Barenaked Ladies, it's been one week since we've moved from Madrid to Memphis, so I wanted to share what we've been through, uh, I mean, done in the past week.

-Moved out of our apartment on Dr. Santero to stay with our pastor's family for two days. Relaxed on their lovely hammocs!
-Ordered shuttle to take us to the airport in Madrid.
-Leave Madrid for Memphis for a new job and missional living.
-Happen to have the exact same flight as a friend we know in Madrid who's going to Memphis!
-Land in Memphis, rent a car, so to weekly rental.
-Deal with lost luggage (actually a blessing since the two bags that didn't come from Madrid would be delivered to our door! They actually came the next day.)
-Day 1 in Memphis: have two appointments to see apartments and get mobile phones.
-Day 3 in Memphis: buy a car (2007 Nissan Versa from Dobbs Nissan. They worked with us from Spain, so definitely visit them!)
-Day 4 in Memphis: have dinner with a couple I know who live here, but I know him from church in Augusta.
-Day 5 in Memphis: visit a new church. Quite a different experience since Kelly has been working for a church the past five years.
-Enjoy an afternoon at the Mud Island River Park on the Mighty Mississippi.
-Day 6 in Memphis at noon: sign the lease on our new home (duplex).

Can we go on vacation now?
Adjusting back to America has been hard work this past week in finding a home--finding confirmation as to why we moved from a city we loved and a culture we were perfectly integrated in to a city in America we had only been to once and knew very little about. We are excited at the new opportunities God has given us here in Memphis, and yesterday's message at church about using the unique talents God has given us to work for his glory in the church and in the city.

But seriously, can we go on vacation yet? ;)


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