Saturday, March 21, 2009

Post Number One

So this is our new blog. If you're here that means you've heard the news--we're moving! If it comes as a surprise to you, rest assured that we're as shell shocked as you are! Paul and I keep looking at each other and just laughing--it seems the only appropriate response to the roller coaster we're on.

So what am I feeling right now?


All week this week we've been in conversation with individuals that needed to be told before the big announcement. I feel like I've said the same story, grieved the same impending goodbye, explained the situation, and fluctuated between excitement, fear, and sadness a million times over all week. I've said yes to every invitation, wanting to take advantage of all the time I have here.

And I get home, finally, and I stare at the STUFF that's everywhere. Old stuff, new stuff, wearable stuff, functional stuff, pretty stuff, stuff I don't know why we have it, etc. And I start analyzing what stuff to give and what stuff to pack. My brain races.

And then we research. We tour neighborhoods on Google maps. We look at apartments online. We research cars. We research churches. I research translation and interpretation jobs in Memphis, content for the oral proficiency test I'll take this fall, etc. I always feel like there's some question that I need to look up.

And then we "process." Paul and I talk about the results of telling the news, thoughts about stuff, new things we've researched, etc. Everything seems to have some core value behind it that needs to be discussed. We're learning so much about each other through this move! On Thursday we had a 2 hour lunch on a terrace (Paul had the day off work) and then walked home the long way. We walked for almost an hour, almost in complete silence. It's the most relaxing time either of us have had in about a month. It was glorious.

Right now, the first thing I want to do when we get to Memphis is sleep for 30 hours!

I'm tired, and it's just starting. Pray for my rest and my perspective. I want to be grateful for every second we have here.

Sorry if this is not the most chipper of blog posts to start off a blog. Don't worry, in 30 minutes I'll probably have another emotion and blog about it :).

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