Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Up until a couple days ago we thought we knew no one in Memphis. We had no leads on a church or ways to get into the community. We were just ...well...going.

And then I sent out my newsletter telling everyone the news. Here's what happened since:

•Matt, a friend from Christian Associates in Montevideo emailed immediately to say that he's from Memphis! He gave us a lead to a church that's doing good stuff, and to an Indian restaurant (per my request--I'm going to miss all the multi-ethnic food here in Madrid)

•Toni (married to Matt) introduced me to some friends by email.

•Those friends have already gone way beyond the normal level of helpful. They even made us a little video with google maps, explaining what different neighborhoods were like!

•Roy (a friend from Harlan now in Alabama) emailed to introduce me to a friend in Memphis who is from Harlan.

•The friend from Harlan emailed, and I found out he went to high school with my oldest sister!

•Also, he works for the same church that was recommended to me by Matt and Toni.

•A friend from college emailed to let me know another friend was living only an hour or so away.

Everyone, many of them people we have never met in person, has been so great about offering to help in any way they can. I told Paul last night, "I feel so...taken care of!"

I think Heather summed it up best. When I told her all the crazy connections and about all of the input and help in getting to know Memphis before we even get there, she just said "God sees you."

Yeah, He does.

Why does this continue to surprise me?

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